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Skills Academy is the training arm of Sector Software based in Leyland, Lancashire.

We have been in the computer software development and training business since 1985

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Keyboard Skills

If you use a computer then you should be trained to use the keyboard. If you don't use correct keyboard techniques then your wasting your time because your slower than someone who can type.

Your tendency to look at the keyboard is not good for your posture which can lead to tiredness and discomfort.

If you have to look at the keyboard and think about the keys then this is a barrier to clear thinking because your using a lot of thought to locate your fingers on the correct keys.

Learning to touch type can free you from all this, allow you to use your computer properly.

Who it is aimed at

Anyone who can't type without looking at the keyboard will benefit from this course, especially those who claim to be fast two fingered typists.

What will be covered

The course is delivered through custom designed software which will guide you from being an absolute beginner through to being able to type without looking at the screen or keyboard.

Once you learn how to type properly then you will be able to just think of a concept, and, as if by magic, your fingers will just type the words without wasting your thinking time.

Being able to touch type is like your fingers are working for you instead of you having to work them.

What skills or equipment do I need to attend

You dont need any equipment or skills to attend this course.

You will be using our custom designed software to learn to type along with guidance from the tutor (the tutor is also the person who wrote the software). This software has been on sale, and has been successfully teaching people to type, since 1985.

If you would like to receive details of this or any of our courses, or if you have any questions then please feel free to contact us on 01772 454328. Alternatively, for a fast response, please fill in the form below and click 'Submit'









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