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Social Media Marketing

This course is an introduction to Social Media Marketing. Teaching you how to use Social Media to interact more with your customers and to guide more business your way.

Examples of Social Media terms and applications include Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Plurk, Second Life, YouTube, Friends Reunited, LinkedIn, Blogging, Wordpress, Microblogging, Skype, MSN, Internet Radio and Internet TV.

This Social Media Course will provide you with an overview of these technologies, how you can use them for your personal life or for you business

Business users can use social media to generate awareness of your product or service. It can be used as a research tool or a way to generate ideas for your company without employing the services of an external organisation, with Social Media, the public are your unpaid consultant.

Who it is aimed at

This course is aimed at business users who want to find out about making their business more visible and connected to customers and to other businesses, it is also for anyone who would like to learn how to best use Social Media in their everyday life.

What will be covered

We will discuss the meaning of Social Media and how you can use it straight away. The course gives an overview of the types of Social Media and examples of its use in your personal or business life.

Applications and methods discussed include

and much more.

Hello... I am David Batty and I am the tutor for this course. I have been on the Internet since 1997. I used to run my own bulletin board for ten years prior to that when I set up my home/business computer so that people could ring it overnight to contact other people using a modem. So I was providing social media services back in 1987.

I have spent over 2000 hours in the virtual world of Second Life and I was possibly about the first person to teach courses about Ebay back in 2002 when most people had not heard of it. I am a daily user of most of the above technologies and have been writing and developing computer software since 1982.

I started the first computer shows in the North of England back in the 1980's, I run a software house selling my own products and services and I also find time to deliver between 2 and 9 computer courses a week.

You can contact me on twitter at

Send an email to

Find me on Facebook as David Batty or you can call me on Skype at .. you guessed it David_Batty.

As well as teaching the above course in our training room, I am happy to deliver a talk on Social Media as a freelance speaker for your event or company. Contact me with your requirements.

What skills or equipment do I need to attend

You need a pen and paper to make notes.


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