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Skills Academy is the training arm of Sector Software based in Leyland, Lancashire.

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Software development with Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a great way to learn how to write software on a computer. With Visual Basic you can have a working program up and running in very little time. This course shows you how to write small simple projects which will teach you how to write software. Imagine being able to design your own Calculator, Notepad type program or paint package ! You can if you attend this course

Who it is aimed at

You should be comfortable at using the keyboard, mouse and windows. You should also know about filing systems and be comfortable at saving files in folders, copying files and be generally adept at using a computer for basic tasks. If you are familiar with using HTML or web page design then you probably have the skills and ability to write your own software.....

What will be covered

From absolute basics you will learn how to create buttons, variables, text boxes, forms and how to link these together to create software programs. The course concentrates on creating things that you will immediately recognise from your normal computer use such as a calculator and similar small projects.

What skills or equipment do I need to attend

You simply need a pen and paper to make notes. Details of where to obtain the free copy of Visual Basic will be given so you can continue your programming at home.

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